Agile extension of your R&D teams

Validate latest developments in deep-tech
Develop MVPs with state of the art technologies
Assist in validating 2x to 3x more opportunities than internal teams
Add capabilities to your R&D experts

Think of us as your agile deep-tech consulting partner

Bring deep-tech solutions to your clients across the Pharma & Life Sciences industry Analyse your workflows, in-flight initiatives, priority projects both internally and client-facing to accelerate development and research efforts Excellence in agile practices to deftly bring bespoke AI/ML solutions to market

Domain Expertise

Molecular Informatics Chem Informatics

NLP Expertise

Improving case-study selection using automation and deep-tech solutions Custom NLP models that encode domain expertise to be deployed across your workflows Pharmacovigilance products to identify adverse effects to monitor performance of top molecules Effective Search for Patent Landscaping & Competitive Intelligence To Identify Whitespace Advanced Graph Analytics On Medical Literature To Improve Drug Discovery Outcomes